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GRANDE $3,899.00 USD

With nearly 6 square feet of grilling surface and 18-inches of adjustability, our Grande allows you to cook a large variety of food at different temperatures.  Spacious and durable, this will be the centerpiece of any asado you host.


  • Removable stainless steel V-groove grilling grate (41” w x 20” d)
  • Removable stainless steel drip pan for collecting juices
  • Crank handle adjustability with a range of 18” and automatic spring lock
  • Firebox unit for self-contained coal production
  • Handcrafted ash wood handles for crank handle and shovel
  • Pre-drilled legs for optional wheel add-on

Each grill includes:

  • Attachable firebox unit for coal production
  • Firebox shovel for transfer of coals to grill
  • Poker/scraper for tending to wood

Product Specifications:

  • Grill dimensions: 46" w x 57" h x 24" d
  • Firebox dimensions: 18" w x 55" h x 22" d
  • Total grill + firebox dimensions: 64" w x 57" h x 24" d
  • Grill grate dimensions: 41" w x 20" d
  • Grill grate adjustability range: 18"

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