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ARMADO $699.00 USD

Our Armado portable grill is perfect for taking your asado on the road. Made of heavy-duty steel construction, it features two cooking surface attachments (a grill and a griddle) and two different grilling heights that let you cook while sitting or standing. Its components easily disassemble so you can pack your Armado for a tailgate at the ballpark, a trip to the beach, a camping getaway, or a back country grilling adventure.


  • Two cooking surfaces: grill attachment and griddle attachment
  • Two assembly heights to cook while sitting or standing
  • Drilled cylinder for maximum ventilation to charcoal
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble components for on-the-go grilling

Product Specifications:

  • Grill/Griddle surface: 16" diameter
  • Seated grilling height: 26"
  • Standing grilling height: 41"
  • Drilled cylinder holes: 1 3/4"
  • Steel grill base thickness: 1/8"

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