Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the purchase of the grill?

The purchase of each grill (large or small model) includes the grill itself, a brasero (firebox), and a poker/scraper tool for managing coals.


How much assembly is required?

The grills are delivered disassembled and flat-packed.  The only tools needed for assembly are phillips screwdriver and an adjustable crescent wrench (or standard wrenches of 7, 8, 10, and 11mm for bolt heads and nuts).  The average assembly time is 2-4 hours depending on skill level.


How will my grill ship?

The grills, due to their size and weight, need to be shipped via freight delivery.  Large grills will be packed and delivered in an open crate.  Small grills will be packed and delivered in a wooden crate box.  Braseros will be packed and delivered in a separate, wooden crate box.  All products will require shipping costs and times associated with freight delivery. 
- The large grill open crate is 52"l x 29"w X 18"h and weighs 182 lbs (82.8kg).  
- The small grill crate box is 29"l x 26"w x 18"h and weighs 165 lbs (75kg).  
- The brasero crate box is 35"l x 25"w x 23"h and weighs 110 lbs (50kg).


    Can I add wheels?

    Yes.  The feet of the grill legs are pre-drilled to allow for wheel installation.  Wheels are available for an additional charge.  See checkout page for pricing.


    What is your return policy?

    Product returns will only be accepted upon: (i) all boxes and packaging within an order remaining unopened and undamaged, and (ii) customer paying the return shipping charges.  If a product component is damaged, broken, or missing, we will replace that part (at no cost to the customer) per the terms described below (see FAQ - What happens if a part breaks?).  If the product packaging arrives damaged, you may reject delivery of the order and file a claim with the freight shipping company that is responsible for the delivery of the product.


    What is your warranty?

    Our grills are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  However, we understand that from time-to-time components may not function according to proper standards. For a full description of our warranty policy, please visit our Warranties page.


    What happens if a part breaks?

    For most smaller parts, we can easily ship (at no cost to customers) a replacement part upon receiving notice of the malfunctioning component and a brief description of the problem.  For issues with larger infrastructure components of the grill and firebox, we will replace such parts according to our warranty policy which can be found on our Warranties page.


    Are all prices on the website listed in United States dollars?

    Yes.  For customers located outside of the U.S., be sure to apply currency conversion calculations for products and shipping charges into your local currency.


    What is the best way to keep my grill clean?

    We recommend cleaning your grill after each use.  For the stainless steel V-groove grill grate, first use a wire brush to remove excess food build-up from the surface of the grill grate.  Then, remove the V-groove panels and clean with mild dish soap and warm water.  The drip pan can equally be removed and cleaned with dish soap and warm water.  For the base of the grilling surface, we recommend using a small hand broom to sweep out leftover ash, but do not use water or wet towels to clean.  Finally, the stainless steel side wall panels can be wiped down with a damp towel to remove any excess ash and grease.  Use of stainless steel cleaner is optional for the side panels but not recommended for component (V-groove grill grate and drip pan) that make contact with food.


    How do I know if it’s ok to have an open-flame barbecue in my geography?

    Laws and regulations regarding open fire/flame cooking vary by country, state, county, and municipality, so please check your local fire codes before using a Gaucho García grill.


    How do I get a fire lit in the brasero?

    Start by placing a small stack of wood shaving and long pieces of kindling at the center of the brasero basket.  Dryer lint is also recommended as an inexpensive, easy-to-gather fire starting material.  If using hardwood logs, a few smaller sized logs on the sides and top of the shavings/kindling.  If using lump charcoal, build a pyramid-shaped pile of coals around your stack of shavings/kindling.  Place a handful of crumpled newspaper or other paper on the beveled base below the shavings/kindling and light the paper.  As the paper burns, it should also ignite your shavings/kindling pile.  Once the smaller logs have caught fire really well, stack medium- and larger-sized logs on top to fill up the brasero.  To produce a continuous stream of coals for the duration of your grilling experience, simply continue to add logs, as needed, to the top of the burning pile, making sure not to let the flame extinguish until your need for fresh coals is finished.


    Where can I learn more about hardwood grilling?

    We recommend spending some time on the Gaucho García blog.  It is comprised of years' worth of content and has recipes, grilling tips, and loads of information regarding asado culture.