One-of-a-Kind “Parrilla” Applies Modern Design to Traditional Open-Fire Grilling 


MORGAN HILL, CAFeb. 5, 2015 — Gaucho García®, maker of a unique line of grills and accessories dedicated to the hardwood cooking experience, today announces the online availability of its patent-pending flagship grills. Offered in two sizes, the grills have several features that aren’t found on conventional barbecues: an adjustable V-shape grilling surface, a drip pan for collecting juices, and a firebox that neatly turns hardwood logs into red-hot coals.

“There is no better way to extract pure flavor and ‘honor the ingredients’ than to cook them with fire,” said Gabriel García, founder of Gaucho García. “Our grills make hardwood grilling efficient and intuitive, and are perfect for chefs, foodies, BBQ enthusiasts, food purists, or really anyone with a backyard.”

Gaucho García’s patent-pending design includes the following features:
  • V-shaped, stainless steel grilling grate in two sizes (20” x 20” or 41” x 20”)
  • Stainless steel drip pan for collecting juices
  • 18” of vertical grill adjustability with crank handle and automatic spring lock
  • Craftsman touches featuring ash wood handles for the crank handle and shovel and steel grill paneling
  • Pre-drilled legs for option wheel add-on.
Included with the purchase of each grill is a Brasero—a self-contained firebox for coal production. Each Brasero consists of a iron charcoal basket, a poker/scraper tool for tending wood, and a long-handled shovel for transferring the coals to the grill.

Now available on the Gaucho García website, the smaller model grill—the Chico—is priced at $2,399 US. The larger model grill—the Grande-- offers more than double the amount of cooking space and retails for $3,899 US. The Brasero will also be available for a la carte purchase at $899 US.

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About Gaucho García

Gaucho García is a dedicated to The Art of Asado®. Inspired by South American barbecue techniques, we make uniquely designed grills that heighten any hardwood cooking experience. Founded in 2010 as an online resource for South American grilling, Gaucho García’s goal is to be the premier retailer for authentic asado equipment and accessories.