Welcome to the new Gaucho García March 06, 2014

We did it!  After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to present to you the new Gaucho García.  As you can see, the website has been re-designed dramatically.  The home page presents some of the features of our grills, has a video detailing the story behind the company, and invites you all to back us on Kickstarter or join us on social media. The website will remain in this format through our Kickstarter campaign and the pre-order phase.  We will have another update later this spring when we launch the full product line and go live with our e-commerce store.

The blog has been also been re-designed to present a fresher, more modern layout consistent with the spirit of our brand.  It should be noted that the blog now makes a shift in authorship from "I" to "We" which reflects the fact that this is no longer a one-man show.  With others involved in the company now, it makes sense to present the Gaucho García in a collective manner.

None of this would have been possible with you, our followers and supporters. The passion you share for asado and grilling culture inspired us to take this to the next level.  Whether you're a long time follower or new to the site, we encourage you to get involved and interact with us on social media.  Feel free to share your adventures in hardwood grilling with us, whether it's liking a post, sharing a photo, or offering to author a guest post.  We're dedicated to creating a community of compañeros that share together in the love of the asado experience.