Gaucho Garcia featured in Winter 2011 issue of Edible South Florida! January 19, 2011

Exciting  news: Gaucho Garcia has received its first press! Check out the Winter 2011 issue of Edible South Florida magazine which was released this past Monday.  On pages 14-15, you will find a two-page article on Gaucho Garcia, replete with color photos (see above right), giving a brief history behind the blog and my passion for asado.

If you’d like a complimentary hard copy of the magazine, find one at the following places:

Back in December, after only being online for a few weeks, I was contacted by a reporter with Edible and asked if I would be willing to be featured as the upcoming Winter issue’s “Edible Artisan”–a recurring feature on local South Florida residents who have a dedicated culinary passion.  I jumped at the opportunity and invited Gretchen Schmidt and Alfredo Añez (photographer) to join us for an asado on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I want to thank Edible South Florida for this terrific opportunity to be featured in a magazine that I truly enjoy and support 100%.  For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, it is part of Edible Communities, a national network of locally-based food publications.  Anyone interested in learning more about South Florida’s food scene should definitely give this a read.   The magazine emphasis is on bringing greater awareness to locally-produced food, including agricultural producers in the area, farmer’s market events, updates on the local food truck scene, new restaurants, and a quarterly calendar covering every delicious area event you could imagine attending.

Thanks again, Edible!