Yes, even the Wall Street Journal is covering South American grilling! September 19, 2011

Gaucho Garcia has lately been in communication with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal named Katy McLaughlin.  McLaughlin, whose husband is from Uruguay, has deftly covered a variety of subjects related to hardwood grilling and South American cuisine over the past few years.  Because so few well-written, English-language resources on the topic exist, I felt compelled to offer links to a few of Ms. McLaughlin’s most poignant stories from the Journal.  Here’s hoping she continues the trend and keeps on providing insightful looks into asado culture.

Love and Barbecue (Sept.  6, 2008)  Provides the back story to meeting her Uruguayan husband the some of the cultural differences between North and South American barbecue.

Big-City Meal, a Little Hard to Find (June 19, 2009) Profiles Argentine chef, Francis Mallmann, and the opening of his restaurant, Garzon, in rural Uruguay.

Wholly Cow! A Few Brave Grillers Go ‘Nose-to-Tail’  (May 10, 2011)  Describes the adventures of one South Carolina man who attempted to mimic the old gaucho method of grilling a whole steer over a hardwood fire.

Grills Gone Wild (May 14, 2011) Highlights a growing trend, especially amongst the chef community, of using hardwood grilling techniques for cooking fruits and vegetables and the different flavors produced by such methods.