Want to grill your turkey for Thanksgiving? Try this. November 23, 2012

This past Thanksgiving I tried a recipe from AsadoArgentina.com, which provided a step-by-step process of preparing a turkey for a hardwood grilling experience.  The result was outstanding.  All my guests loved the different and unique flavor that came from grilling the turkey.

I had to brine the turkey a day ahead of time and then I cut it into pieces before putting it on the parrilla because butterflying and grilling a whole turkey just wasn't going to work.  I was also careful to baste the meat every 15-30 minutes.  

In the end, grilling the turkey in parts ended up being very easy.  The meat had sublte smoke flavors with all that charred texture from putting the poultry on the grill.  Best of all, the leftovers stayed moist and juicy (even the white meat!) which rarely happens with oven-roasted turkey.

Read Asado Argentina’s blog post on Pavo a la Parrilla here.