Looking for middle-priced cuts of beef? Here’s a start. June 01, 2012

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an informative graphic: it depicts four cuts of meat that the U.S. beef industry is pushing as middle-priced cuts between ribeye (expensive) and ground beef (inexpensive).  You’ll notice that all four cuts are recommended for grilling.  Having featured each of these during one of my asados, I concur.  All are excellent cuts for grilling.  Many of them are fairly priced, but also still contain a fat content high enough to give them great flavor after coming off your parrilla.  My favorites are Tri-tip and flat iron.

Curiously, these cuts do not directly translate with some of the beef charts featured in South America.  If you look at the Gaucho García Beef Comparison Chart, you can see some overlap, but also some gaps betweenthe two different charts.  All the more reason to get out there and experiment with different cuts for your next grilling adventure.


Image by Mike Sudal/Wall Street Journal