Gaucho García does catering June 26, 2013

Gaucho Garcia is getting into the catering business.  A few months ago, I was contacted by an Argentine woman living in San Jose, California, and was asked if I would be the asador at her wedding.  I was definitely honored by the request.  Cooking asado for an Argentine at the bride’s own wedding is an intimidating request, but the more I thought about it, the more I loved the challenge.  Furthermore, all of our initial conversations were in Spanish, which meant I was conducting business, writing estimates, and explaining contract terms in a foreign language for the first time.

The wedding is taking place this Saturday and will be attended by 50-60 people.  Unlike a typical 4-5 hour asado, we are condensing the timing of different dishes a bit to accommodate the schedule of the wedding.  What makes this event fun is that it’s a mix of people that have experienced an authentic Argentine asado and those who have not.

Another unexpected challenge was finding achuras, the organ meats common to most authentic Argentine asados.  The bride and groom asked for mollejas (beef sweetbreads) and chichulines (beef small intestine).  I called around to nearly a dozen butchers as to see if anyone could supply me with the achuras.  None could.  It seems that the demand in the U.S. is so low for these parts that they are never sold in retail meat stores.  Often, the beef is eviscerated before arriving at the butcher shop and the sweetbreads and intestines are discarded.  Perhaps they go to the hot dog factories?  In the end, the bride and groom were able to locate the achuras at a local Mexican grocery store.  Should be interesting to see how many Americans, unfamiliar with grilled organ meats, actually try the dish.

My brother, Damian, will be co-asador for the event as he works alongside me to learn the art of asado.  Having an extra set of hands when grilling for 50-60 people is always a huge help.  Plus, he can also be my cameraman. I plan on shooting some footage of the event and making a short video-log of Gaucho Garcia’s first ever catering experience!

Below is the wedding menu being offered to guests: