Escuela Argentina de Parrilleros’ mesmerizing video January 06, 2014

During my most recent trip to Argentina this past September, I was given a book by my wife’s cousin for my birthday.  “El Libro: Escuela Argentina de Parrilleros” is a beautiful, hardbound, full-color publication dedicated to asado in its many forms.  Like Francis Mallmann’s “Tierra de fuegos: Mi cocina ireverente“, it is only available in Spanish and only sold domestically in Argentina.  I feel lucky to have been able to visit and acquire certain literary treasures dedicated to asado that are not widely available outside of Argentina.

Escuela Argentina de Parrilleros is the brainchild of asador Carlos López.  It is  a cooking school based in Buenos Aires that teaches both Argentines and foreigners the art of asado, and the book is a helpful, illustrative companion to the techniques taught in the classes.  I just wish I had known of it earlier so that I could have enrolled in the 4-hour class during my vacation to learn a thing or two from a master.

One of my favorite quotes from López on his website is: “Quién soy yo para hablar de asado?” (Who am I to speak for asado?)  The quote is a surprisingly humble recognition that asado has a deep meaning for the people of Argentina.  Words on a page cannot do justice to something that is fundamentally a hands-on activity, passed down through generations, involving elements of fire, smoke, food, and patience.

In honor of showing you rather than telling you what asado is all about, I leave you with this video from Sr. López.