Gaucho García brings Argentine cuisine to Sacramento May 10, 2016

Here at Gaucho García, we've always been foodies at heart. When we're not working or spending time with our young children, we're in the kitchen. Mrs. Gaucho been cooking her Argentine family's recipes since she was a little girl: from milanesa to handmade pasta, and of course, empanadas.

So you can imagine our surprise and dismay when we moved to Sacramento and discovered that there was not a single South American (let alone Argentine-specific) restaurant to be found. How can a city that touts its diversity neglect an entire continent from its culinary scene???

Building upon Gaucho García's strong brand and high-quality products, our goal is to open a small restaurant that exposes Sacramento to a whole new culinary experience. Showcase flavors from afar but infuse them with local ingredients. Have a modern, eclectic space where diverse communities feel comfortable. Grow a catering business, where people can experience the instinctual wonder that is cooking with fire. 

Over the last decade, empanada shops have popped up in many US cities with renowned food scenes. San Francisco has El Porteño, San Diego has Papa Luna, New York has Empanada Mama, Chicago has Cassava, and Sacramento will have Gaucho García.

You can help make this a reality! We need your help to win the Calling All Dreamers Contest, hosted by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership. Their prize package will provide the resources and support we need to launch our business successfully.


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Muchas gracias. See you in Sacramento!