Discover the authenticity of hardwood grilling

Savor the elements.

Gaucho García® celebrates a return to wood and fire by offering a modern take on the Argentine grilling tradition. Our patent-pending grills have unique features that you won’t find on most conventional barbecues: a V-groove grilling surface, adjustable heat control, a drip pan for collecting juices, and a firebox that efficiently turns hardwood into red-hot coals for cooking. Made from top-quality stainless steel, our grills are both durable and practical. Our passion for la parrilla is evident in our unending quest to bring you the right equipment to recreate the authentic asado experience.

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Grill Features

Advanced grate design

See why V-grooves are better.

Our V-groove design provides a sturdier cooking surface and more even heat distribution than typical wire-grate barbecues. Installed on a slight angle, the grooves allow the juices dripping from the meat to run down the V-shaped channel and collect in the drip pan. This prevents flare-ups common with wire-grate grilling surfaces where fat drips onto the heat source below, causing inconsistent, uneven cooking temperatures. The V-groove panels are stainless steel and removable, making for easy clean-up without any fear of rust.

Temperature control

Adjust the height; adjust the heat.

The ability to regulate cooking temperatures by raising and lowering the grilling surface is what sets our grills apart. With 18” inches of adjustability, you can control the distance between your food and the coals to find a temperature that’s perfect, no matter what you’re cooking. The crank handle and gear are set in place with spring wire allowing for quick adjustments that automatically lock into place at the desired height. With an adjustable grill, you can take advantage of a wide spectrum of cooking temperatures in the same grilling session rather than having to move coals around or wait for heat levels to reduce.

Multi-use drip pan

Designed to the last drop.

The benefits of the drip pan are manifold. A complimentary component to the V-groove grilling surface, the drip pan collects meat drippings and prevents them from spilling onto the ground. It also allows you to baste meat in its own juices throughout the grilling process or reserve them for sauces, gravies, seasoning cast-iron cookware, or even seasoning the V-grooves themselves. The drip pan quickly detaches for easy clean up after an asado.

One-of-a-kind firebox

Turn your favorite hardwoods into fuel.

Unique to Gaucho García grills is the patent-pending brasero, or firebox, included with each model. The brasero allows you to ignite a large stack of wood and efficiently turn it into grilling fuel with a minimum amount of effort. The welded-iron basket holds over a dozen logs to produce a high volume of coals for your initial batch. The beveled chute below the basket efficiently funnels coals to the base of the brasero onto a sturdy but lightweight shovel. Once the desired amount of coals have gathered, simply remove the shovel and distribute the coals to the base of the parrilla. And because you’re making your own fuel, you can experiment with the distinct flavors imparted by different types of wood: from oak to mesquite, applewood to hickory, the choice is yours as you customize your hardwood grilling experience.

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Two sizes to choose from

Large model grilling surface:41" x 20"Small model grilling surface:20" x 20"

Grill Features

All models will include V-groove grill grate, adjustable crank handle, and drip pan.

Included Components

Each grill comes with a patent-pending brasero firebox and wooden-handled aluminum shovel.